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Our Story

What is it that fuels you? For us, it is vivaciousness. We always have new ideas and enjoy every day (even when it rains!). We would love to share this positive energy with the world.

We would love this project to be a place, where we can go back to the basics - provide amazing food in our stock, talk about healing with food (nutritional therapy), folklore medicine (herbalism) and also help businesses to create plant-based food options that will inspire their clients and make their menu a unique one.

Kindness Khaya is truly our own little passion project, which has been changing names over the years, but never really took off the ground. We feel like now is the moment for it to thrive. We are now making one of our dreams come true. We have a huge passion for being kind, saving the planet and loving the Earth. That's what Kindness Khaya is about.

Lawrie and I met in 2015 in London and since then we have had many adventures. We ran a logistics company in the UK and that allowed us to travel a lot. We met many inspiring people, saw many beautiful landscapes and tasted the most amazing food. 

In 2020 we lived for a while in Poland, where I come from and in 2021 we moved to South Africa, where Lawrie was born. We are now living on the South Coast and enjoy beaches, dog walks and our African adventure.

Lawrie is a passionate gardener and an English teacher. He loves his plants and makes wonders in the garden. Marta is an event planner and a nutritional therapist. We share a love for plants and traditional (non-allopathic) medicine. We would love to share this passion with you. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey! 

With Love,

Marta & Lawrie

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