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Is it time to de-clutter?

After watching the series ''Tidying Up with Marie Kondo'' I thought it would be really interesting to read her book. Although I found the book quite boring, I also found out that Marie Kondo and I have a similar view on life.

My friend has always been minimalist and could not understand why I have so many clothes. I also had endless discussions with my partner about clothing as he used to wear a uniform in his profession. I always say to him that clothes are not only there to protect your body but there is something amazing in beautiful fabrics, funky buttons.. Clothes have their personality!

This is where Marie Kondo is right - if minimalism is not your thing - just do not do it. You should never go against your instincts.

Life is about joy and if you have amazing clothes/accessories/books and they make you happy, you must keep them and enjoy them!

Tidying house need not be a punishment. It is not about mindlessly throwing everything away. It is about learning what you like and what makes you happy. It is about separating things that you love and things that are useless to you.

The whole concept of the book is to tidy to find yourself and what sparks joy in your life, not just throwing stuff away to follow a new de-cluttering trend.

I do not think that I have lots of possessions but definitely more than the average person, but I know one thing- I love what I have. All of the furniture is second-hand, mostly restored by me and loved by their previous owners. All of the things are pretty & practical, which is the only rule I apply in my life.

When I come back home, I am definitely in my happy place, when I prepare my favourite salad in the bowl that we brought back from South Africa or drinking tea in the mug from Santorini.

If you feel overwhelmed by your house and you want to make changes, you should read Marie Kondo's book.

If you feel like you need help, pop me a message and I will be happy to help! Not many people know that I am a qualified de-clutterer :D

Stay Passionate!

Your M.

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